Friday, July 12, 2019

How to organize your cc so you don't clog your game

Think about it. you really don't need a bunch of cc to play a home in the sims 4 you only need the cc for that one family. This is what I do. 

first, off your gonna go download this program. 
install it. then this is what I do. open the program and pick the sim or home you want to package up with its cc. They need to be saved in your tray folder to do this. So go in your game and save the family in cas by opening testingcheats on and clicking on a sim to modify in cas. You should know how to do this. 
now to show you this program in action:
I am going to pack up Ashley. I’ve highlighted her in the side panel in the program. 
You are going to select (see top Right arrow down button) export with cc.
This is all the items it found for Ashley. Select what you want to export and what you don’t. My beard file is a merge of beards not sure why it’s with her but I can unselect it at this time. So read through see what you want and what you don’t want. and click export. 
What i do at this point is i have a file for cas creating:

This folder has all my cc that I own period. I move this file in and out of my game when I want to create a sim. I package the sim up once that sim is made. I extract that sim to get just that cc I use for that sim. I then take that cc and place it in my game folder:
in my game folder, I have maybe 100 pieces of cc. See in my clothes folder in-game. Not much. This is what my families are wearing. 
 in my cas folder, I have thousands of pieces of cc. Hair is my biggest amount of cc. This is my clothes file in cas.
Why clog up your game with stuff you are not using?
I just move in and out what I need. Seems like more steps but its really not bad once you get used to doing this. Also once save your sim in cas upload that sim or home to the gallery not for people to download but just for storage. it allows you to not have anything in your tray folder. you don’t need that. Also your save files. 
you only have to save the one file not the other two they have for backing up your save. 
Save your sims and housing in the cloud on the gallery and get rid of the junk in your tray file and just place the one save file you are needing for the game you need it for. Also, get rid of the cc clogging gameplay by organizing yourself. It is so easy once you get used to doing this. You just need to get in the habit. I also have all my stuff saved to my onedrive so if something happens like I goof mixing crap up it’s there as a backup. Like I said once you get used to being organized you will be so happy you did.  I hope this helps some of you unclog your game.