Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Peggy532 clayified

Honestly i really just wanted to use the mayhair 60 to do this hair and recolor it with the alpha textures but frankly May what the heck do you do to your hairs?...you F them all up so royally that it would probably be best if you just stop creating if you are going to keep doing that...this way maybe the original creator will create that hair properly and it be actually a decent mesh instead of your screwed up crap...there i said it and yeah i don't really give a rats ass if May is ticked...i am tired of f-d up meshes from her.

So i took the mesh myself and did a conversion but i did it on a maxis hair and well it clayified it...and for some reason without the clay textures i am having some kind of weird texture showing hair that is not really there or what not...anyway so here is my version of peggy's hair and yeah its as perfect as i can make it...i fluffed it up to if that is even possible...ha...but it was cutting into her face if i hadn't....am i gonna do this for a child version i doubt it?...its really a pain in the tuckis to convert sims meshes to sims 4...and frankly i am so done with this mesh i am about to throw it through a window....But hey May we appreciate you but would appreciate you even more if you didn't f-up a mesh...is it to keep us from re-texturing them? if so its not working...we are still finding out ways...i myself would rather u retire then to keep on screwing them up...

Click to download <3

and do what u will to this hair...blow it up for all i care.

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