Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Happy House

(Click the pics to see the full size pics)

First off i tried to keep the CC to a minimum but it does have some and i have packaged all that in a file for you...The desk is Simscredible Wanta bite...i recolored it so that is where the halloween colors came from...There are 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms in this home...a kitchen, Jacuzzi, and some toys for kids if need be and a guitar in case your sim wants to be a can add more stuff because there is space in the house to place a few objects to your own liking. 

Your gonna need the new ep Spooky this does use those objects..

Place the tray file in your file named tray and the CC file in your mods folder. 

Click to download <3

Thanks goes to Jennisims, Noir and darksims, Ajoya, Whootysims, Simcredible...and anyone else i may have forgot for the nice halloween cc.

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