Friday, October 16, 2015

Ela-Sky 12F & Accessory (now clayed too)

 Click pics to see full view

This is a Skysims hair Ela converted way back when she didn't screw up her meshes...

The bow is the Jenni bow but i altered it quite a bit....duplicated it...moved it...shrunk it...made it specifically for this can find it under rings in accessories.

Click to download <3 < the hair file (alpha)

Click to download <3 <Hair file (Clayed Version)

Click to download <3  < the bow file..

The bow does not automatically come attached to the hair...its an accessory and comes in over 30 colors on this one...the hair itself comes in 24 colors...two being tipped hairs..

Anyway what u want with it that is my TOU but hey it be nice for a shout back if you do...just tag me or something...if life is too busy to do that then so be it. =)

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