Monday, September 28, 2015


Ok first off i redid the Cazy roulette hair. ***I separated the braid from the hair so if you already have Cazy's version of this hair in your game you do not need to place the Cazy Roulette Braid in your game as well because it is combined in her hair file. But if you are just wanting my version then you will need the braid so you do not have to have Cazy's Version.***

Next id like to thank this CC makers (i have included all her CC in her Rar file):
Me for her makeup and hair...i have included the new hair let it override the old one...=)
I have used my default eyes but she will take on whichever default eye you use...or you can find mine here..I have not included them.
Cazy for her hair mesh
Her colorful skintone is :

My new friend BerryBoutique (her broadcast station) & (Her Tumblr) is who inspired me to make such a colorful pink beauty. So Thank you Berry. 

place her Tray items in your tray file and her cc into your mods folder. 

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