Thursday, September 3, 2015

NewSea J096 & YU106

I wasn't really planning on releasing anymore today but i got these two done and i think they turned out great,,,the one my friend Todd asked for a nice ponytail....and this one i use to have a friend when i was a kid who use to wear her hair this way....i never could because my hair was too curly and too much that a headband couldn't hold all my hair...

Of course credit for the mesh goes to Newsea....i am sure you can tell by my pics...all i did was resize and edit them to be for kids as well and recolor texture them..


I do want to say one thing...i noticed today others are coming out with conversions to kids as well...i wont be paying attention to what they are converting because i only know that i am very picky about doing these meshes justice...i cannot say what someone else's mesh conversions are like so i maybe coming out with the same meshes converted. like i said if i cannot do justice to these meshes that these magnificent artists have created then i refuse to release the file..You can be sure if its one of my conversions then i am trying to do homage to the artist who created the original mesh..also if the original artist comes out with their version of children's hairs of the same meshes i will be taking mine down and replacing them with recolors instead.

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