Monday, September 21, 2015

Maysims 64F now for kids

First off thanks goes to Bfly and Maysim Bfly for the mesh and may for converting it to sims 4...

The only credit i take is converting it for Girls and resizing it...i did edit it a tad of maysims to make it not look so egghead like...hers is more higher on the forehead. Seriously we do not need a bunch of eggheads running around in our game...

I started putting the swatches together and i ended up deleting the swatch strip and i said f-it this one wont have swatches...22 Colors in total..

please feel free to recolor or re-texture or edit the meshes again to your liking and uploading..

My TOU is i have none... it would be nice credit back but hey life is busy and short and if you do not link back to me so be it...i don't care i just want folks to be happy. 

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  1. спасибо дорогая. Мне надоело, что большая часть красивых причесок смотрятся не естественно на симах. С удовольствием забираю. поцелуй <3