Monday, September 14, 2015

Halloween Set

First off i want to thank Amberlyn for the bubbledress mesh and LadyHayNY for the steampunk set mesh..and id like to thank JSSims for the sock mesh and Jennisims for the bow mesh..The hair you can use the bow or not...if you do not use the bow it has this weird hump...looks like bedhead...but hey its still cute...

And for the hair mesh that would be Maysims (although i had to take the child mesh and make it for the adult because Maysims now limits all access for their accounts..yeah pretty crappy because i pay to have quick access but then still do not have a password for the file I anyways i also fixed her or his mesh to be fluffier and a tad longer and sits a little better on the head. the hair of course is originally by Bflysims. I am hoping she will do a conversion...i actually am hoping all maysims hairs get converted by the original artist at one time or another...i will then take and re-texture those as needed toss out maysims version.

Anyway i hope everyone likes these i worked hard on getting them just right...


  1. Hello very nice, I would give you permission to upload this is that I loved the texture :)

    1. Sorry for my bad English I hope you understand me :p