Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alesso Himiko for Children

I finally figured out how to convert adult hair to kids hair...yay me...anyway this will be the first of many i convert....i did the best i could as far as the cutting into the shoulder for the curls...i did get it to fit the head really well..

I do not take credit for the original mesh...that is by Alesso (coolsims) i am not sure what name to go by anymore...Alesso if you see this i love your hairs...yay buddy...

I really feel children are overlooked in this game and so many hairs would look really cute on ill try...First off thank you so much Kiara for your tutorials because without that this would not be possible...

Click to download <3

or here:
Dachs_Alesso_Himiko_Child at 4shared


  1. Thank you! It looks even cuter on a child. I don't know how to sign into blogspot, but my origin id is professorlilith

  2. Thank you! I agree, the children are totally overlooked, and so many of the hairstyles would look WAY better on children.

  3. Thank yooooou!!!! Love it, great job !!!!