Friday, August 21, 2015

Windows into your Soul Eyes

 Ok the reason i made these was i want to start doing a comic strip and i had a hard time finding eyes i liked that looked natural but also the highlights didn't interfere with the lighting in game and make the eyes look odd in game...they looked fine in CAS but in game my sims had an odd look to them...So these were born..

Well this is my creation....i did use some bases from the colors of my other eyes for the natural eyes and that came from BrilliantSims but i did all the hand-painting of the window highlights and such and touch-ups...took me 4 hours just to get that down the unnaturals are some contacts i found and made into eyes and such...still the window highlights and touching up now that is all mine...Took 4 dang hours.
Forgot to take pics of these...sorry....these are after Bella Swan....they are not exact but close enough..they are my Vamp eyes..
and LOTR stands for lord of the rings eye...its that one in the movie that evil eye that is watching you..
I do not mind if someone want to recolor these for their game but please do not upload them as yours..please give me credit is all i ask...

The Non defaults are the exact same colors as the defaults...just non you do not need both files in your game...just choose weather you want them to override (default) EA eyes or do not override EA eyes (nondefault). The Unnaturals are in a file all to themselves and the reason why is not everyone is into that.

Just showing some in-game pics (unedited) to show the highlights do not interfere with the lighting this time...Took friggin four hours to get the highlights correct so it didn't....going in and out of game and saying well that didn't work...Anyway enjoy!!
please just give me credit for these is all i what you want with them otherwise..upload with your sims...i would love see some of your stories if you choose to use them.

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  1. Hey! Will these be updated? I noticed that you cant change the eyecolors on malesim and female up to adult, since the update with toddlers.