Sunday, August 9, 2015

Newsea Hair Dump


  This hair really didnt look well without the i still made it with the headband but without the bobby-pins...

This one i made in curley and non curley version...its all in one file though..

Anyway I bring you newsea hairs...these are mostly her newest hairs..lots of pay hairs...they are stand alone hairs meaning you do not need her hairs for them to work...the mesh is included in the yay for that...

Click to download <3

Also one butterfly hair....did that one before i got on my newsea kick....yeah buddy keep watching this site because i am gonna recolor every single newsea hair and offer them here for downloading with the mesh...wooop

and im starting from the newest and going backwards...


  1. Thank you soooooo much ! Lots of love to you <3

  2. Gracias, por este y todo tu trabajo generoso

  3. Gracias, por este y todo tu trabajo generoso

  4. Hello ! I'm still using this hair since 2015.. Unfortunately, it seems pretty outdated in the game.. Could you maybe update them ? Thanks a lot !!