Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Braids of two flavors

Also please make note of the new menu at the top of my blog...makes it easier for everyone..

I first did the nana anime hair because i thought it was cute...then i thought hum...i need something when my sims doesn't want autobeen hair...autobeen on a dogs ass...that is what my mom said when i had bed head...not saying nanas hair is autobeen...just has that out of bed look...

So then i did the ela hair 23f which you can do elas older hairs but her newest ones are corrupt for anyone wondering...they are missing the lod2 and open bald in s4s and wont open at all in castool...I wont link to may-ela site due to malware being on the site credit will only be given by name..


  1. Hi hi and good morning. Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could answer a question. I have an older version of the Ela hair ( I don't remember who made it) I was wondering if I could delete it since I have just downloaded yours? It doesn't seem to work properly in game. It swings back and forth when my Sim walks so I don't use it. But it seems that some things I download I have to keep the old version too. Thank you for your time.

    1. you can delete it but your sim may end up not having will have to use the cheat testingcheatsenabled true and then click on your sim and edit in cas...then you can apply my hair instead.